Stanford University

Biodemography of Lifespan

Tulja’s group is part of the Biodemography of Lifespan project that studies the biological and demographic determinants of lifespan in a range of species including humans. This  project uses biological, ecological and evolutionary approaches and includes field and lab experiments on Mediterranean fruit flies, honeybees, and nematodes; biomarker surveys of tribal populations; theoretical work on complex life cycles, mutation-selection balance, cultural effects on life histories, and the evolution of heterogeneity in life histories.

The overall effort is directed by James Carey (University of California, Davis) with particular projects at UC Davis, UC Berkeley (one directed by Ronald Lee and another directed by Kenneth Wachter), Arizona State University (directed by Robert Page), and UC Santa Barbara and the University of New Mexico (directed by Michael Gurven and Hillard Kaplan).

This project has been supported by the BSR program at NIA since 2003. See the project website for more information including publications.