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Bloomberg Getting old can be hard under any circumstances, and harder still when you’re poor. That’s the predicament for Thailand, the developing country first in line to face the consequences of a first-world-style baby bust. Data published last month by the United Nations show births in Thailand have dropped to a level on par with Switzerland and Finland, two ultra-wealthy countries with which it has almost nothing else in common.

Live Science Aging is determined by biological, not environmental, factors, a study suggests. No matter how hard you try, it might be difficult to slow down aging, a depressing new study suggests. Across a range of primate species, including humans, aging rates are mostly determined by biological factors, not environmental ones.

white sheep

The New York Times The New York Times featured an article about our work on “The Dynamics of Phenotypic Change and the Shrinking Sheep of St. Kilda,” Ozgul, A., S. Tuljapurkar, T. G. Benton, J. M. Pemberton, T. H.Clutton-Brock and T. Coulson, published in Science (325, 464-467, 2009).